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What is Padhri?

Padhri Wildlife Reserve is located between the Salt Range, among the fertile valleys of lowland Eastern Pakistan and the spring-fed streams of the Western Himalayas. At Padhri Wildlife Reserve, our approach to nature conservation is based around restoring the ecological order of the area that ensures that through our action, nature thrives. We believe in protecting the environment through community involvement, where local population is involved hands on to protect the bounty bestowed upon Punjab.The human involvement is minimum so that nature takes its course and the biodiversity of the area is restored to its original place. There are many important species at Padhri ranging from Urial to rare birds and mammals such as Pangolins and Vultures. Documented records show that the region once harboured the one-horn rhinoceros along the river valley Himalayan foothills. Our firm belief revolves around nature protection and conservation, which is why our primary goal is to tackle illegal hunting and poaching in the area. Padhri Wildlife Reserve has taken the charge of protecting the local flora and fauna so that the future generations can enjoy the great outdoors. 

We have adopted a social model at Padhri as we employ residents, conservationists, nature enthusiasts, volunteers and entrepreneurs to form an effective mechanism of natural regeneration and wildlife conservation. Our ambition is to bring the local wildlife back to its haven. Since nobody knows the region like the locals, this ecological turnaround must provide them with development gains as well. Every year we assess the development needs of the area and then strategize on how to make their lives better which helps in our overall goal of helping humanity as well. There are a lot of activities that you can do at Padhri, ranging from camping, hiking, off-roading and bird watching.